Sunday, 1 February 2009

the (in)famous light box

So here it is (finally) a shot of the homemade light box. It is quite big - standing 58 cm tall, 54 cm wide and 36 cm deep. The fabric over the top is an old muslin square and the two sides are covered with a cut up old white shirt. The background is a piece of stiff white paper which turned out to be not quite stiff enough (see earlier post) - this issue is still to be addressed; just need to source some Bristol board as per the original construction notes.

This one is just the right size for my husband to photograph his carvings but is somewhat too big for jewellery photography. However, the design works well so I'll make a smaller version but with an open top and fabric-covered front. The reason for this is so I can shoot the items from directly above using macro-mode on my camera. I'll probably also use a perspex shelf to raise the items away from the background.

It's big, it's ugly but it is clever!

photo (c) woodwose carving 2009


  1. Crikey!!!! you weren’t wrong it IS ugly.
    But worth it I'm sure.
    I've been meaning to make one (is that wise??...i don't know)
    Still now those gloomy days won't matter.